Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel Review

I assume most people in the blogging world have already tried / reviewed this, but I figured not everyone in the ACTUAL world would have. So lo’ and behold I’m writing it anyway! 🙂 Woo! For those of you who may not know (how can you not?!) the Snow Fairy is a Limited Edition shower gel from Lush! It only comes out at Christmas time, and is actually their number 1 bestseller during this time – or so I’ve been told!

It retails at £10.95 for a 500ml bottle (small versions also available, but really once you’ve had a sniff of this you will want a big one!)

As all Lush products, the smell of this is absolutely gorgeous. The kind of “can I just sit here and smell you all day and look like a total freak” kind of gorgeous. Ohhh yeah. Trust me.

Just imagine the best smell ever and you’re there. Ha. But seriously, it smells like bubblegum and candyfloss and all things sweet!

Now, there is just a slight bone I have to pick with this product – the fact that the smell doesn’t linger on your skin! Although I’ve heard tons of different things and read many reviews online where opinions seem to be incredibly mixed – from “thank goodness it doesn’t linger” to “it lingers and I love it” – but personally I found that it doesn’t linger on my skin at all. What a disappointment!

Other than that it makes my skin feel soft like pretty much all amazing Lush products, and also lathers up quite nicely on a shower loofah! I love things that lather well, so that’s a definite plus!

Almost forgot to mention – it also has glitter in it! No no – don’t worry! It doesn’t actually stick to your skin. A little bit like the smell – *sad face*

Anyhow, overall I absolutelyyyyyy love this and want to buy enough bottles to last me a whole year so I don’t suffer withdrawal symptoms!

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