Baby Carrier, Baby Sling and Baby Wrap – All You Need To Know

A baby carrier or baby wrap can save parents  lot of stress when caring an infant or toddler. Baby wraps are great for traveling, running errands, and cooking and cleaning around the house. Which baby sling or baby carrier is best for you will depend on your needs and preferences. There are many types of baby slings, wraps and carrier available and they all differs in features, price and way to carry your baby. My personal favorite is hip seat baby carrier, as it puts the least strain on your back and shoulder. If you have an older baby, then go for a quality hipseat carrier.

I will do my best to help you through that process. I have a few favorites that seem very versatile and can fit most needs.

The difference between Baby wraps and baby slings.

Both the baby wraps and baby slings have the same purpose. However there are some slight differences.

  • Slings have a larger learning curve and take some time to understand and get used.
  • It seems it is easier for most people to nurse in a baby sling vs. a baby wrap.
  • Wraps evenly distribute the weight of the baby vs. slings in which the weight is unbalanced.
  • Some wraps are more bulky and have more material than most slings.
  • Wraps seem to be preferred over slings by most users.
  • Wraps are more snug and are easier to use for most people.

baby carrier 2020

Reviews of top baby carrier in 2020

Ergo baby Performance Carrier

The Ergo baby Performance Carrier has been specifically designed for active parents. It has a high-performance exterior fabric which can handle all weathers. Underneath is a breathable mesh lining which removes excess heat from between you and baby and this is enhanced by a cooling panel. The frame is lightweight and very durable and can accommodate babies from newborn (with the infant insert) to about 70lbs.

Features Include:
* Durable, lightweight, and breathable fabric (1/3 lighter that the Standard ERGObaby carrier)
* Durable, water repellant outer layer, ideal for outdoor activities
* Breathable mesh lining, keeping babies and parents cooler and more comfortable
* COOLMAX® lining for extra wicking
* Accommodates babies from *newborn (*with infant insert) to 70 lbs
* Specifically designed for active parents
* Highly breathable fabrics with cotton wicking lining
* Can be used on hip, front and back
* Supports the correct ergonomic position for both babies and parents
* Lightweight with no metal frame to dig in
* Easily adjusted to fit both parents
* Strong, highly tested buckles
* Sleep hood to stop wobbly heads that extends as your baby grows
* Contoured shoulder straps for comfort
* Machine washable

Lillebaby 5 Position Everywear Baby Carrier

The Lillebaby 5 Position Everywear Baby Carrier is a sleek and stylish carrier that provides excellent comfort and support for your passenger. The power of this carrier is in its versatility, it can be worn in 5 different position: front face in, front face out, back, hip and cradle hold.

You can start using this carrier when your baby is just 7lbs in the heart to heart (front face in) position. There is a removable neck support to provide extra stability. As your baby grows and becomes more curious, simply set them in the front face out position so they can see the world around them.

The cradle hold position is ideal for supporting your baby in their first 3 months but required the cradle insert which is sold separately. The hip and back positions allow complete flexibility of use and allow you to get on with your busy day while keeping your young one close

Features Include:
* Comfortable ergonomic design!
* Only carrier that offers every carrying function, including a true hip carrier function
* Longest lifespan
* Adjustable seat for correct ergonomic carrying at every age
* Max adjustability, fits the petite to tall.
* Light weight

Kokopax Eco Classic Carrier

The Kokopax Eco Classic Carrier is made from eco-friendly materials and is an extremely safe carrier. The aluminium frame is very lightweight at just 3lbs. yet strong and the shoulder straps and waist belt are well padded. There is a 5-point harness and a kick-stand to make loading and unloading easy and once loaded your baby will have a 360 degree view of the world at your eye height. The carrier fabric is 100% cotton canvas and is printed using eco-friendly dyes. When folded, the carrier fits in airline overhead bins and has it’s own carry bag.

Features Include:
* Positions baby at eye level
* Baby can interact with parent and has 360 degree world view
* Easy to load and unload
* Extremely lightweight
* Padded waist belt
* made with 100% cotton canvas
* anodized aluminum frame
* comfortable shoulder straps
* adjustable frame to fit individual user
* padded waist support
* hip belt for added comfort
* handy storage pocket with magnetic closure
* kickstand for easy loading
* 5-pt. safety harness
* ties to secure pax protector%u2122
* toy ring to attach koko%u2122 or other toys
* weighs approximately 3 lbs.
* fits in airline overhead bins
* for use from 6 months to 2 years (or up to 35 pounds)
* patent pending
* certified by the JPMA to the ASTM F2549-09 Frame Child Carrier standard
* includes koko%u2122 carry bag

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